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Re: duplicate packages in Sources and Packages files

This one time, at band camp, Lucas Nussbaum said:
> So, where should we go from there? Our options are:
> - find & fix all the occurences of the problem ASAP. Please report it
>   if you notice strange things about version numbers or other data
>   that possibly comes from Sources/Packages.
> - ask ftpmasters to revert the change until the squeeze release

The fact that apt, the main consumer of these files, gets it right
makes me suspect that other ad hoc consumers possibly Did It Wrong(TM).
That in itself doesn't mean there's no problem, but it does seem a fairly
straight forward problem, in the main.  Given that option 2 actually
involves 'reintroduce the problem that this fix resolved', I'd say we
should have a better reason to reopen the bug than "some things broke,
although half are now fixed".

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