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Re: Debian packages and upstart jobs

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> writes:

> So if you really want to upstartify the package for Ubuntu (which isn't
> necessary - the current focus in Ubuntu is upstartifying those services
> that are on a default system, there's not as much benefit to converting
> other services yet), my personal recommendation for now would be to
> build the package differently for Debian than for Ubuntu.

The problem is that there are real bugs caused by OpenAFS not using
upstart in Ubuntu because gdm starts before the user's home directory is

However, I'm not willing to maintain separate packages for Ubuntu and
Debian.  So I suppose the bug will persist for the time being, or someone
else will have to maintain separate Ubuntu packages.  :/

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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