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Re: Check if library has debug symbols

Michael Banck <mbanck@debian.org> (08/12/2009):
> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip etc. is an optional feature as far as I
> know, it is not guaranteed to work.  You need to inspect
> debian/rules and possibly modify it yourself if there is no support
> for it currently.

FWIW: dh_strip DTRT when DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS contains nostrip (see its
manpage). One usually has to inspect both:
 - debian/rules to see whether configure/make flags are triggering a
   “normal” or a “debug” build (see cmake's Release, RelWithDebInfo,
    Debug types for CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE, for example).
 - upstream build system. Some are doing stripping unconditionally, so
   you'd have to apply a patch to either get rid of stripping, or to
   make it conditional.


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