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Re: New source package formats now available

Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> writes:

> On Tue, 24 Nov 2009, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> > Bugs as of today.
>> > * Packages with different patch systems like linux-2.6. In this case
>> >   dpkg-source ignores failures to register a patch and produces
>> >   sources without the changes. (#557618)
>> As discussed on IRC this is a matter of false advertising by the
>> announcement and the wiki. Which also seems to be the main problem
>> Rhonda has with the format.
> It's not false advertising. The problem that Bastian saw is that quilt is
> not returning an error when debian/patches/series is not a file. I'm going
> to check for that in the next dpkg version.

In the special case of linux-2.6 that might be a bug. But how will 3.0
(quilt) format then work? So it doesn't go and do something crazy
anymore. Instead it fails. That is not working. And I there were more
examples in the thread like e.g. wesnoth.

> You certainly can. It doesn't mean that it's always a good idea though.
> For packages like linux-2.6, it makes sense.
> I made some choices to avoid conflicts with other patch systems, in
> particular no .patch or .diff extension to automatic patches so that they
> are not picked up by patch systems like simple-patchsys.
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Raphaël Hertzog

If it works it is luck. It only works if the patch system does not
pick up any of the dpkg files and dpkg does not pick up any of the
patch systems files. Which generaly is not the case. Gnerally you have
to do some work to make sure nothing conflicts or to make it not

Esspecially the case where the packages patch system is quilt is
tricky as it works if dpkg uses quilt (if quilt is installed before
dpkg-source is called) but not if quilt is pulled in later through

So while you can make the two work side by side, if you seperate them
enough, I stand by what I wrote for the general case. Blindly mixing
patch systems spells disaster. The advertising makes it sound like it
will magcially always work.


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