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Re: Lintian based autorejects

> I've noticed that for DELAYED/XX uploads, the lintian rejects are
> triggered not when the package hits DELAYED/XX, but rather when the
> package eventually hits the archive. The annoyance of this is that the
> uploader losts "focus" on the specific fix.

> Any chance/plan to fix this so that lintian rejects are checked at
> DELAYED entrance time? (sorry if it has been asked before, I didn't find
> it with a quick in the thread)


Long answer: Delayed is nothing dak knows about at all. It is all
handled by debianqueued, which is a perl script running far before
dak. Due to its age it is also not quite of the standard one wants to
have when editing code, so supporting anything like rejects in there is
not done.
So for that, yes, you want to think about the dput solution. Which would
have the nice added benefit to actually save people form uploading and
wasting bandwidth and time.

Also, should there be someone with a little too much free time ( :) )
and willing to code a bit in python, there are various thoughts and
plans around for a rewrite of the queued with much nicer functionality
and stuff. Just none of us existing team members has the time to do it,
there are always more important things (and debianqueued works).
If someone is interested, either mail me or join #debian-dak on

bye, Joerg
> 16. What should you do if a security bug is discovered in one of your packages?
1) Notify team@s.d.o ASAP.
2) Notify upstream.
3) Try to create a patch.
4) Find out that Joey was faster.

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