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Re: Lintian checks and debian/copyright boilerplate

On 11933 March 1977, Russ Allbery wrote:

> The next upload of Lintian will remove the check for "Author(s)", since
> it's very prone to false positives and isn't checking what it's supposed
> to be checking.  Thank you very much to Manoj for his work on verifying
> this tag.

Is that the 2.2.18 we now have, or will it be 2.2.19?

> The replacement is the existing helper-templates-in-copyright tag, which I
> think more accurately captures what is being checked here.  This tag will
> be output if any of the following strings are present in debian/copyright:
>     <fill in (?:http/)?ftp site>
>     <Must follow here>
>     <Put the license of the package here
>     <put author[\'\(]s\)? name and email here>
>     <Copyright \(C\) YYYY Name OfAuthor>
> I believe it's reasonable to reject packages that contain debian/copyright
> files with such strings, as I think they fairly clearly indicate that the
> maintainer at least didn't clean up the copyright file, and probably
> didn't finish filling it out.

ACK on that, will use that tag then, i think.

bye, Joerg
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