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Re: Lintian based autorejects

On Wed, Nov 04 2009, Steve Langasek wrote:

> I'm not complaining about you filing bugs on *my* packages.  I'm
> complaining about a mass bug filing on *any* packages, using standards
> that have not previously been approved by the project, because *doing
> so skews priorities for the project as a whole*.  Marking bugs as
> severity: serious means *the project* has to deal with the resulting
> bugs.  The bugs get mixed into the RC bug list and take up resources
> of participants in bug squashing parties; the release team has to go
> back and mark bugs as release-ignore or downgrade them if they're not
> actually release-critical issues; the QA team winds up with these
> packages on their radar even if the package quality doesn't warrant
> it.

        Now that the ftp-masters have changed the blacklist, all the
 bugs that were reported at serious severity due to the blacklist have
 been downgraded to important, and it was fairly trivial to do the
 severity change.

        All must violations of policy remain at severity serious; if you
 think policy needs to be changed, please  follow the policy change
 process. If you do not understand policy, please ask for help.

        If you think your package is special, and should get an
 exemption from policy MUST directives, please explain why on the
 debian-policy list; it might be an indication that the debian policy
 needs changing.  Please do not just downgrade the bugs.

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