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Re: Huge lag between submitting a bug and replies

On Wed, 28 Oct 2009, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> It could be argued that relying only on spamassassin is a wasteful use
> of our hardware.

We don't only rely on spamassassin.
> In my experience and with a very conservative estimate, it is
> reasonable to expect that at least 80% of this traffic can be easily
> blocked at the RCPT TO stage.

And yes, we already do that. We have quite a large number of methods
in place to reduce the amount of mail that makes it to SA. I didn't
bother to count how much mail actually was attempted to be delivered.
(when I wrote that I was concerned that we had somehow made SA super
slow, but no such luck.)

I'm in the process of working with DSA to add additional mail servers
in front of the bts to handle this issue. (They've configured
everything, I just need to have about 10 more hours in the day.)

Don Armstrong

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