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spam on DDTSS ?


It's not clear just from the logs, but for example:

1246176855 fetched by yy_y_ja_jp
1246176856 processed from todo
1246176866 fetched by yy_y_ja_jp
1247572419 fetched by yy_y_ja_jp
1256308334 updated text by ipv6waterstar (ii)
1256308472 change-comment-only by
1256374546 updated text by ipv6waterstar (mm)
1256374581 change-comment-only by ipv6waterstar
1256384574 updated text by emasaka (mM)
1256385141 change-comment-only by
1256385361 change-comment-only by
1256398592 change-comment-only by
1256543769 updated text by victory (mm)

I think someone who is not logged in is removing the comments and being disruptive.

Is there a good way to fight against it?

Understanding what's happening, and finding a way of how to avoid that
from happening, would be good.

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