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Re: git-buildpackage could use get-orig-source, uscan ?

On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 12:12:09PM +0100, Jérémy Lal wrote:
> I noticed bzr-buildpackage is able to get upstream tarball
> with get-orig-source or uscan, if they exist.
> Should git-buildpackage (and others) provide the same feature ?

This should be better debated as a bugreport against git-buildpackage.

FWIW, I second such a feature request, but it is possibly debatable as
some people might want to first import the really pristine upstream
tarball in Git and only then perform the additional mangling; this way
you preserve the mangling history. Of course this has the drawback of
storing in VCS stuff with potential redistribution problem, if that is
the reason for the mangling. So, as I said, it is debatable and gbp
shuold probably support both options.

Can you please file a bug against gbp?


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