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Re: Bug#550031: ITP: libjs-extjs -- a cross-browser JavaScript library

> Thomas,
> I discussed this matter with our CEO and he asked me to resolve the
> compliancy.  I iwll update you shortly.
> ~ Adam

Hi Adam,

Ok, that sounds good, as I would really hate to push for a
package that has some controversy on the freeness of it's license.
I am very happy to see that you guys respond to emails, and this
makes me feel a lot more comfortable for this packaging.

I have already done my packaging, you can get the Debian package
from there if you want to test/see/comment them:


At the time of reading, it should also have reached all of our
mirrors around the world.

As you can see, I have separated the library itself from the
documentation, as it was rather big, and this is a good practice
in this case in Debian.

Let me know when you update your site and/or your licensing,

Best Regards,

    Thomas Goirand

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