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Build logs from local builds

I find the buildd logs on https://buildd.debian.org/ to be extremely
useful. They are nicely organized and it's easy to look back in time
and see previous build problems and/or get a quick overview of the
current build status. However, I find there's one piece of data that
is sadly missing: the log from my local build!

debuild and friends generate a .build file along with the .changes
file, but ftp-master obviously doesn't do anything with said build
file. I think it would be quite useful if there were a way for a
maintainer to upload the build log from his own local system. This
would allow interested users to check the logs (in case they suspect
some sort of problem) as well as help maintainers out by giving them a
more complete record of version builds.

Of course, one could argue that the developer doesn't need his own
logs on buildd.debian.org, since he has them locally. However,
sometimes it might be nice to check the status from a different
machine via the web when confronted with an unusual problem. Also, the
buildd systems are more reliable and backed up than most developer's
private systems. Finally, as I mentioned, a user might want to see the
logs too.

What do other people think? Should this be possible? Should this be required?

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