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Changes to libc affecting name resolution in chroots?


One of my development sid chroots has mysteriously been unable to
download apt lists since around the time of the last upgrade, which
I noticed upgraded libc6.

My best guess at this point is that something related to this upgrade
has broken some forms of name resolution, although not completely:

"  Something wicked happened resolving 'mirror.ox.ac.uk:http' (-5)"

The host system is functioning normally, whilst the host(1) command
both inside and outside the chroot works (with the same resolv.conf).

Host system is lenny / 2.6.26-2-686

Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Dominic Hargreaves | http://www.larted.org.uk/~dom/
PGP key 5178E2A5 from the.earth.li (keyserver,web,email)

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