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Re: Rebuilding all 100+ r-cran-* packages for R 2.10.0

Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd@debian.org> (16/10/2009):
> This means we "should" rebuild all packages or else they will upon
> load trigger a nagging message 'package foo was built under R
> version x.y.z and may not function properly' as well as possible
> malfunctions of the help system.  As we're only talking 100+
> packages, this should work.

You want to contact -release@ as well (possibly early). And something
like 100+ packages is something they might want to know about.

> Also, and the security minded folks may want to consider the second
> bullet point: do we need to worry about this or not as it is just
> the loopback interface?  Seems fine to me but I figured I'd better
> ask :)

You want to ask -security@ (or the security team directly, you choose)
too, I guess.

> Please CC me on replies.



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