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Re: Better tracebacks for C/C++ (and probably Ada & Fortran, too)

[...] (cool stuff)

> >
> > I'm now wondering whether something like this already exists (I
> > couldn't find anything, though).  I'm also not sure where to put this.
> gnatbind could be instructed (-E) to store non-symbolic traceback in exception 
> occurrences, which would be printed out as a list of addresses of calls, which 
> could then be translated into source lines by addr2line tool from binutils. 
> There is also Call_Chain() procedure for Ada which records the a complete 
> stack traceback and is part of the GNAT.Traceback package, which I suspect 
> probably operates in a way similar to your library operation, though I have 
> never used that before.
> > Due to the peculiar combination of libraries, it's somewhat
> > Debian-specific.
> Perhaps the authors of `diagnostics' source package (available in Debian) 
> would be interested to include your library.


Now that reply is somewhat late, but real life keeps me busy these days... It
would indeed be interesting to include your work in diagnostics, or at least be
able to use it from within diagnostics (meaning you do you roll your own library
or the like with a nice API).

Florian, I couldn't find anything on your web-page. Are you still interested in
that project?


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