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Re: Bug#551026: ITP: xcite -- exciting cite utility for Emacsen

Upstream author provides new license.

  This  program is  distributed  as a  free  software.  You  can
  use/copy/modify/redistribute  this software  freely but  with NO
  warranty  to  anything  as  a  result of  using  this  software.

How is it?

>>>>> On Thu, 15 Oct 2009 09:06:46 -0500
>>>>> peter@p12n.org(Peter Samuelson)  said:
> [TANIGUCHI Takaki]
> > * "free software" satisfies 
> >   "freely  usable, freely (re-)distributable
> >   without  any charge  for  itself, freely  modifiable unless  the
> >   original  author(=me)'s copyrights  are infringed  or neglected,
> >   absolutely not responsible to  any result from itself. "
> "([R]e-)distributable without any charge for itself" implies, or may
> imply, that I cannot put xcite on a CD with other Debian software and
> sell the CD for profit.  The author possibly intended that I can, but
> the statement is too ambiguous.
> The author also does not give permission to distribute modified
> versions.  You might think this is implied ... but not necessarily.
> In particular this was a problem with Pine; the license looked as
> though perhaps we could distribute modified versions, but upstream
> didn't think they had said that.
> "[U]nless the author(=me)'s copyrights are infringed" makes the clause
> fairly meaningless, because the whole point of a copyright license is
> to grant rights that would otherwise infringe the author's copyrights.
> It is a bit like saying "You may steal things from stores except where
> prohibited by law".
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