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Re: Is it time to remove sun-java6?

Patrick Matthäi wrote:
Mark Allums schrieb:
Patrick Matthäi wrote:

Games on www.playray.de also do not work with openjdk, e.g.:

With iceweasel I only get a grey window, also for every other game on
this site.
That's a Flash issue.  Uninstall some of swfdec (I forget offhand which
bits) and install flash-nonfree, the corresponding Mozilla plugin, etc.
 Sorry I'm being vague on this, but I'm minus some hours on sleep and
really should be in bed.   Someone can corroborate me or correct me.

Yeah I can correct you:
It is java, not flash.

Okay, I shall visit the site and make tests. It *sounds* like an issue with Flash that occurs for many people.

And it may not be swfdec package itself, but related packages. The swfdec Mozilla plugin, maybe.

(Sorry, I'm being sloppy; I'll shut up now, and let the actual productive dev & maintainer people get back to work.)

Mark Allums

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