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Re: Proposal to improve approx configuration upgrades

Le mercredi 7 octobre 2009 13:09:06, vous avez écrit :
> I don't really want to add a dependency on another package for such a
> simple task.  Anyone deploying a caching proxy server should be able
> to read a man page and edit a config file.

Ok. Looks like you're not convinced...

Could you at least:
- add libconfig-model-approx-perl in Suggest:
- mention in the doc that configuration and upgrade can be done with config-
edit-approx provided by libconfig-model-approx-perl.

On my side, I will enhance Approx parser to ensure that old approx conf files 
(etch) can be upgraded to new approx file format (addition of '$' prefix where 

Is there any other old approx upgrade issue to take care of ?

All the best

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