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Re: ITP: libjs-extjs -- a cross-browser JavaScript library

On Wed, 07 Oct 2009, Marcus Better wrote:
> This is non-free. Please keep it out of Debian.
> Surely you are aware of the huge controversy around Ext JS licensing.
> There is no need to repeat that story here, let me just point to this page:
>   http://www.extjs.com/company/dual.php
> Here they make claims that directly contravene parts of GPL-3:
> "If you derive a commercial advantage by having a closed source
> solution, you must purchase an appropriate number of commercial licenses
> from Ext."

This applies to you if you use it in a non-open source project. It doesn't
apply here.

> "If you wish to use the open source license of an Ext product, you must
> contribute all your source code to the open source community and you
> must give them the right to share it with everyone too."

Dual licensing is a common choice (trolltech/mysql) and doesn't make the
software non-free. At least the (out of context) quotes you give do not
make this software non-free. There may be other issues I don't know but
you'll have to explain in more depth what the problems are.

Raphaël Hertzog

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