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Re: different .diff.gz for different platforms (armel) prohibiting upload


On Montag, 28. September 2009, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> I just said that there are buildd admins/porters who are hard to deal
> with because they just don't care about build failures not caused by
> the package to be built and neither with any package else but by
> buildd/machine/arch issues.
> At which time it'll get even more funny when buildds don't try to
> build stuff - and yes, even security buildds. You really believe
> a DSA is possible nowadays without uploading handbuilt binaries? Then
> you haven't seen reality.

Well, I think this reality sucks and should be fixed. Uploading manually build 
security packages is a workaround which is error prone, as could be seen in 
the last months, where there were several uploads done in wrong build 

If there are really such non-caring buildd admins/porters this should be fixed 
at the root of the problem and not by using a workaround, which introduces 
new problems and doesnt touch the root at all.


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