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Re: Debconf and PackageKit

Daniel Nicoletti a écrit :
> Hey Josselin,
>> De: Josselin Mouette
>>>>> This solution is not implemented as I don't know debconf verry well
>>>>> but there is one problem that I'd like to know if there is a already a way
>>>>> to deal with this:
>>>>> when aptcc backend starts installing packages it's status are in a fd
>>>>> which might be localized is LANG is set, so I clean LANG
>>>>> and get dpkg to give strings like
>>>>> removing, unpacking, that can be converted to an enum.
>>>> Ugh, that’s an absolutely horrible and broken solution. You should use
>>>> the --status-fd dpkg option instead.
>>> hmm ok I'll investigate on how to use that in an apt-get based code..
>> Why do you use apt-get and not libapt? Especially if you’re working on a
>> C++ frontend…
> Ok now I'm forking and using --status-fd, but i got this localized
> pmstatus:k3b:0:Removendo k3b
> which i can't parse, actually i'm a bit afraid if it's status are
> some kind of standard, maybe i should look at the source.. :P
> So what's the best solution anyway?
> Clean the child env vars?

Or just use LC_ALL=C (or setenv("LC_ALL","C") or whatever
$ENV{"LC_ALL"}="C" you need), which should be done before launching any
localized non-interactive program from which you expect some information.

Jean-Christophe Dubacq

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