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Re: Policy §10.4 as a divergence from usptream (renamings to remove extensions like .pl and .sh).

On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 10:28:38AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> my question triggered a lot of answers??? In this message, I will first make a
> few clarifications, then try to summarise, and conclude with my own opition.

Charles, thanks for the summary.
> If Debian some day publishes a list of
> universal best practices, I will be of course be happy so send a link to it
> Upstream, and suggest them to follow it for their next project. Of course,
> writing such a document is a real challenge, and as an illustration it was
> pointed that suffixes are necesary on Windows [15], an operating system that
> many Upstreams are committed to support.

This is also an important point I wanted to rise (but just forgot).
Currently every single maintainer is forced to invent a convincing text
to educate upstream.  The position of a single maintainer could be
drastically strengthened if there would be a widely accepted document
(not only in the Debian world) which gives a clear reasoning.  Writing
such a document and finding agreement in several distributions is
challenging - but IMHO a reasonable step if we want to stick to our
policy in the current form.  Relaxing the policy as Charles proposed
might be the alternative.
Kind regards



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