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Re: Orphaning my packages...

Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
>> On 29 september 2009 03:04:25, Kevin B. McCarty wrote :
>>> Hi all,
>>> I unfortunately don't have the free time at the moment to do much for
>>> the Debian Project, so I'm orphaning my packages.
> [...]
>>> Cernlib-related (Cernlib is a huge, mostly obsolete set of physics
>>> libraries and tools) packages. These all have corresponding wnpp ITO
>>> bugs that can be changed to ITA / closed as desired. Note, Francois
>>> Niedercorn (in CC) has first dibs on these if he wants them. Francois,
>>> if you still do, please reply to debian-devel.
>>> cernlib - #508413
>>> geant321 - #508496
>>> mclibs - #508498
>>> mn-fit - #508501
>>> paw - #508495
>>> cfortran - #508500

>> I am not a debian developer but i could comaintain cfortran

Hi all,

I'm sorry for the late answer.

Yes, I'm (I hope) ready to take over the packages. I'm interested (if 
possible) in team maintainership under the umbrella of the Debian 
Science team. Because I still feel I will need guidance.

Any help to comaintain a package is very welcome (Bastien, mail me to 
discuss offlist about cfortran).

Now, the first step I've to do is to answer every of these bug reports 
(cernlib - #508413, cfortran - #508500,geant321 - #508496, mclibs - 
#508498, mn-fit - #508501, paw - #508495) by changing the subject with 
ITA, am I right ?

For the second step : "upload the packages with my name in its 
Maintainer: field, and put something like | * New maintainer (Closes: 
#bugnumber) | in the changelog of the package in order to automatically 
close this bug once the package has been installed." I can't upload the 
packages, so I need to ask to debian-mentors-list (or debian-science) to 
find a sponsor for the upload, is this correct ?

But I don't know the procedure for a comaintainership package, or for a 
team maintainership, if somebody can explain me the extra steps ?

I also need to correct outstanding bugs affecting the packages.

bug #348065  affecting cernlib is not yet 
corrected (I've basically no experience on bsd, I can't give it a try 
now, but as the severity is "wishlist" perhaps I didn't have to correct 
it before uploading cernlib ?)

bug#374978  affecting paw seems to be 
corrected, so I've basically nothing to do (?)

bug #507429 affecting cfortran didn't 
seem to be corrected (yes ?), but I could apply the correction that is 
suggested in the last mail.

bug #249483  affecting cfortran, it is a 
wishlist also.

For bug #497023  (affecting cfortran) I 
think it may be corrected...

Thanks a lot in advance,

Best regards,

Francois Niedercorn

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