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Re: The 'git' Debian package in squeeze

Leandro Doctors wrote:
> 2009/9/17 Marvin Renich <mrvn@renich.org>:
>> But, if I were a gnuit user and not a git-core user, I would find it
>> annoying (and possibly confusing) when upgrading from lenny to squeeze
>> to have a new package added that I didn't want and that is completely
>> unrelated to anything I had already installed simply because a more
>> popular package wanted to take over the name of a different package that
>> I was using.
> Perhaps including the version in the dependency helps?
> After all:
> if version(git) <= LENNY_GIT_VERSION --> git == "GNU Interactive Tools"
> if version(git) > LENNY_GIT_VERSION --> git == "Git Version Control
> System and Friends"
> Right?

No. You do not need of any external dependency to have the problem :
You have a etch machine with only git
You upgrade to lenny. The git package is upgraded (and pulls gnuit)
You upgrade to squeeze. The git package is 'upgraded' (and pulls git-core).

There is no way APT (or dpkg) knows that git/lenny should be remove
instead of being 'upgraded' in git/squeeze.

Note that adding a release (squeeze) without a git package will not
solve the problem: the git/lenny package will not be removed from
the system without an explicit action of the administrator.
And the administrator can already remove the empty git/lenny package.

  I cannot see a good solution here.

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