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Re: What criteria does ftpmaster use for the ‘copyright’ file of a package?

Le samedi 29 août 2009 09:29:30, Ben Finney a écrit :
> If the governing interpretation is that “all copyright notices and
> distribution license” need to be duplicated into the file, how many
> packages in Debian are violating policy by this reading? More to the
> point, does this interpretation actually match the consensus of the
> project?

I agree with you.

As for myself, I list all licenses, but I would add only the main copyright 
holder(s), and, from now on, add a sentence along those lines:
  "This is the copyright of the main project maintainers. For other copyright,
   please check the corresponding source files."

Also, to make things more sensitive, I would link the issue to the Debian Free 
Software Guidelines. 

My belief is that we *all* agree on those guidelines, and that the subsequent 
requirements in the policy about debian/copyright are here just to put these 
general ideas into words and directives. 

In this context, the minor copyright notices have nothing to do with the DFSG, 
but the licenses do.


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