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Re: Double /dev/disk/by-id Vision

>>>>> "FZ" == Felix Zielcke <fzielcke@z-51.de> writes:

FZ> I'm also running the udev in experimental 146-1 and have the same, but
FZ> it affects only my IDE disk not my SATA ones even though they have an
FZ> ata-* link too:

FZ> $ ls -1 /dev/disk/by-id/
FZ> ata-SAMSUNG_SP1213N_SAMSUNG_SP1213N_S00UJ10X203399
FZ> ata-SAMSUNG_SP1213N_SAMSUNG_SP1213N_S00UJ10X203399-part1
FZ> ata-SAMSUNG_SP1213N_SAMSUNG_SP1213N_S00UJ10X203399-part2
FZ> ata-ST3808110AS_5LR0ECJH
FZ> ata-ST3808110AS_5LR0ECJH-part1
FZ> ata-ST3808110AS_5LR0ECVK
FZ> dm-name-nvidia_cediideh
FZ> dm-name-nvidia_cediideh1
FZ> dm-uuid-DMRAID-nvidia_cediideh
FZ> dm-uuid-DMRAID-nvidia_cediideh1
FZ> scsi-1ATA_ST3808110AS_5LR0ECJH
FZ> scsi-1ATA_ST3808110AS_5LR0ECJH-part1
FZ> scsi-1ATA_ST3808110AS_5LR0ECVK

OK, now we are getting somewhere. Can somebody reassign this bug to the
proper package? Thanks.

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