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Re: about device driver pgm.

Harsha s.v. Banavasi wrote:
dear sir/madam
I am Harsha, i have written device driver pgm(1553 communication device) in redhat linux 2.4 kernel which is running fine. Now My boss asked me to change the OS to Debian 5.0 with 2.6 kernel. But now my device driver pgm is not working, it's giving lots of errors. Most of the Errors in system header files only. For Eg: After installing Debian Operating system and linux headers. In the directory: /usr/src/linux-source-2.6-2.66/include/linux. we will get huge linux headers files. In which sched.h is one of them. After compiling my device driver pgm( I am using <linux/sched.h> ) lots of errors is there in sched.h file, which is system header file. Why i am getting errors in system header file.

But in Red hat linux 2.4 kernel, i didn't get any errors in system header file. Why erros in debian. After changing the operating system, older device driver pgm which is running in redhat linux 2.4 kernel successfully will not work. what's the reason. And most important i am getting erros in system header files. For eg: In directory /usr/src/linux-source-2.6/2.66/asm, processor.h is there, the device driver pgm is using that header file. But i am getting erros in that <asm/processor.h>.

I assume that you wrote a kernel driver, thus the problem is in your code:
you cannot assume the same internal kernel interface between different kernel
version. In particular between 2.4 and 2.6 linux kernel there was huge changes
in kernel (and its internal interface).

Thus you should look some modern kernel API documentation, and adapt your


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