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FSF Guidelines for Free System Distributions (was: Release goal for Squeeze)

(The ‘debian-release’ forum is for coordination of the release of
Debian. This discussion about release goals should better take place on
the ‘debian-devel’ forum.)

Praveen P <pravin.vet@gmail.com> writes:

> I would like to see squeeze released 100% free at par with "Guidelines
> for Free System Distributions" by FSF.

I assume you're referring to the guidelines documented here

In your assessment, what specific, measurable goals would the Debian
project need to set in addition to those already announced for Squeeze

> I am using gnewsense also. It is very difficult to get quality free
> softwares to replace the proprietary ones now.

Note that, unlike the FSF, the Debian project does not distinguish
between programs and non-programs for free software; per our Social
Contract, all software works in Debian need to meet the Debian Free
Software Guidelines regardless of how their bits might be interpreted.

This is in contrast to the FSF “Guidelines for Free System
Distributions” which makes special mention for different freedoms for
each of programs, documentation, and “non-functional data”, without
guidelines for works that may defy pre-hoc classification or straddle
those boundaries.

Do you see these differing standards of freedom being in conflict? How
would you suggest they be resolved?

> The condition will go worse with the advancement of time. So this is
> my request and suggestion for debian developers.

You're welcome to suggest specific, measurable release goals. As it
stands, your suggestion doesn't give much to aim for more than what
the Debian project is already committed to for Squeeze.

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