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Re: Bits from the release team and request for discussion

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,
>         I would like to set up a selinux related release goal for
>  Squeeze.
>  Developer assiociated:  Manoj Srivastava (Perhaps also Russell Coker,
>                          but I have not discussed this with him)
>  Issues to be solved:
>    (a) Get all Debian patches to the reference security policy merged in
>        upstream.  Status: In progress, we have all patches submitted,
>        some need to be tweaked and resubmitted based on feedback
>         Time line: 1-2 months, depending on free tie I have

While this is relevant to Debian, it does not look like it impacts what
is in Debian or are there possible changes in Debian depending on the

>    (b) Update reference security policy to allow standard machines to be
>        in enforcing mode.
>        Status: It is possible to run minimal virtual machines in
>        enforcing mode, but real machines are somewhat crippled; these
>        denials need to be inspected, and determination needs to be made
>        for how to resolve them (no not want security holes enshrined in
>        policy)
>       Time line: 6-8 months (can be done in tandem with a, if here were
>       more people working on it)

Are the issues identified already or do you have an idea about how many
issues there are to tackle?

Do you have any documentation for possible contributors to help you with



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