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Bug#543541: RFH: quilt -- Tool to work with series of patches

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

The quilt package needs supplementary maintainers in order to be well
maintained. The main maintainer Martin Quinson has not enough time
to do all the required work. Simon Horman is co-maintainer but I haven't
seen him doing anything on the package (and the last mention in changelog
dates back to Apr 2007), Simon shall we remove you from the Uploaders?
I am the third maitainer listed in Uploaders but I joined only to
work on the integration with new source package formats (and with build
system in general) and would like to see the package in a better shape but
I don't have the time/will to do all the usual work.

There is lots of work to do:
- update all the patches for the new upstream version (and we have 22
  Martin Quinson started this work but he has not yet pushed his work
  in a public branch, hopefully that mail will remind him to do it
- document all the patches and submit them upstream even if they have been
  not very receptive to some of them a few years ago (in particular the
  rewrite of backup-files in shell apparently)
- go through open bug reports and forward them upstream as well

The package is currently maintained in git. If you have any question,
please ask.

The package description is:
 Quilt manages a series of patches by keeping track of the changes
 each of them makes. They are logically organized as a stack, and you can
 apply, un-apply, refresh them easily by traveling into the stack (push/pop).
 Quilt is good for managing additional patches applied to a package received
 as a tarball or maintained in another version control system. The stacked
 organization is proven to be efficient for the management of very large patch
 sets (more than hundred patches). As matter of fact, it was designed by and
 for Linux kernel hackers (Andrew Morton, from the -mm  branch, is the
 original author), and its main use by the current upstream maintainer is to
 manage the (hundreds of) patches against the kernel made for the SUSE
 This package provides seamless integration into Debhelper or CDBS,
 allowing maintainers to easily add a quilt-based patch management system in
 their packages. The package also provides some basic support for those not
 using those tools. See README.Debian for more information.

Raphaël Hertzog

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