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Re: Bug#533265: apt or aptitude update at the beginning of a Lenny upgrade

On Sun, 23 Aug 2009, Nicolas François wrote:
> I propose to only recommend updating aptitude (this will update apt
> anyway), and add a note for the users who prefer to use apt-get rather
> than aptitude.

Fine for me. You can also include both apt and aptitude on the
command-line if you want to ensure that both are upgraded.

> Do you agree with this patch, or are there other reasons which makes
> "apt-get install apt" the preferred upgrade path?

I wish aptitude was more reliable in always proposing a solution (when
using the command line)... this certainly explains why people are
reluctant to recommend it and why we regularly mention apt-get as a

Your patch is ok for me.

Raphaël Hertzog

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