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Re: Taking care of existing packages

On Thu, 20 Aug 2009 10:33:54 -0300, Rogério Brito wrote:

> The reason why I posted to both is that I see a trend in -mentors that
> many new contributors seem to create an artificial need as a reason to
> get their contributions in the distribution and choose to package a new
> program.

I agree with most parts of your analysis, esp. that teams could use
help and that joining teams helps new contributors.

I just think we also have to keep in mind that the proverbial "itch"
that new contributors are trying to "scratch", i.e. why they want to
help in Debian in the first place, is that they are missing a piece
of software they use or would like to use. Therefor an approach as
(silly example) "You can only get a new package sponsored after
fixing 10 existing ones." might demotivate potential new
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