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Re: Taking care of exising packages

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Leinier Cruz Salfran schrieb:
> Hello
> I want to take this opportunity to add that the bugs need to be
> addressed, especially the wish list. There are people who send bugs to
> request to be added or taken into consideration certain properties and
> functionality in the packages and maintainers are ignoring. Another

Personaly on wishlist items (new upstream functionalitys) it is the job
of upstream to address them, the maintainer should forward it to them
and maybe upstream does not want it?

> thing is the system of new packages (debian-mentors,
> mentors.debian.net) .. I think that there could be a team dedicated to
> addressing this important task, same as the team dedicated to the
> kernel, the core packages, translation, among other important packages.

I think you do not know how much work it is to sponsor a packages,
especially if it is NEW or the maintainer does not have enough
experience yet and the whole sponsoring requests ends up in a 30 mails

> I believe that this significantly affects the quality of the
> distribution

Debian has the biggest software repository of every distribution.
I do not think that it is a *such important* part to include new software.
The most important RFS reports are such which fixes bugs (especially RC

For some weeks I take a look on the mentors mail archive and the
packages list for sponsors on mentors.debian.net - I wanted to sponsor
packages which are waiting since "ages" to get uploaded.
My result was, that most packages are more or less quickly uploaded, but
neither the sponsor and maintainer replied to the thread on the mailing
list / removed the package from mentors, which is bad.

What I want to say:
I think the current situation is not as dramatical as some people state
it here, please correct me if I have got a wrong view of it.

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Mit freundlichem Gruß / With kind regards,
 Patrick Matthäi
 GNU/Linux Debian Developer

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Always if we think we are right,
we were maybe wrong.
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