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Re: Packages still using libgnomeprint

Josselin Mouette wrote:
Hi all,

libgnomeprint/libgnomeprintui is going to be soon deprecated upstream.
The GtkPrint replacement (built in GTK+ itself) has been available for 3

I’d like to remove it before the squeeze release. This can only be done
by getting rid of as much as possible of the reverse dependencies. When
this is done, we’ll see how it is feasible.

Note that some of these packages already include GtkPrint support, but
you have to select it at compile time. Otherwise, please consider
porting to the much more modern Cairo/GtkPrint API.

As for bindings, they don’t have any reverse dependencies except for the
Python ones, so I think we’d be better off removing them ASAP.
If you are fine with it, I’ll do a MBF.




I was getting ready to file all of these so a +1 from me.


Barry deFreese

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