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Re: Recommendations for man pages in Debian (was: Debian Policy released: localized manpages)

It's only unambiguous if you know the convention being adopted /is/
ISO-8601.  In an ideal world, we could have a standardised date format
which the man program can transform into the date representation of
the user's locale thus satisfying all requirements.


Thats what ISO-8601 is. There is no other format that goes XXXX-YY-ZZ.
(and if someone invents one they deserve to be larted quickly and harshly). XXXX - must be a year, as its four digits. YY-ZZ : Month, date, as no other format
starts with the year.

Unlike 03/04/2009 or even (shudder) 05/06/07 , you cannot confuse year, month, date.
Thats the point.

Now ISO-8601 may be _unusual_, in that many people have not seen it before, but thats true of _any_ replacement to the messy 03/04/05. But Unambigous it isn't.



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