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Re: Debian Policy released: localized manpages

> This is just my own personal use of .TH in all my projects
> , using sbuild as an example:
> TH SCHROOT 1 "@RELEASE_DATE@" "Version @VERSION@" "Debian
> sbuild"
> where @RELEASE_DATE@ is the date of the release, which
> gets substituted in by autoconf's configure script
> (schroot.1.in -> schroot.1). Downside: an additional
> processing step. Advantage: always up to date with no
> manual editing required.

This also means localized manpages will always fail the
date check, unless you use the same .TH line in every
manpage. Doing so, however, would make it as impossible to
which manpages are outdated based on the .TH line.

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