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Compilers and GCC-X.Y-SOURCE build-deps


  I am wanting to build packages (cross compilers) that build depend on
gcc-X.Y-source binary package containing source and other packages (C
library, kernel headers, linker packages). The plan visualization is
available at my home on the emdebian server[1].

  In the archive I can find a couple of examples, a) gcc-mingw32 and b)
gcj/gnat packages. While a) duplicates gcc source, b) build depend on
the binary package containing the source. The reason gcc-mingw32
contains the source it is AFAICT that it was rejected by ftp masters.

  So, if I want to build the compilers, so those can be available on the
Debian archive, is it posible to do it the b) way or is there any
restriction against it.

	-- Hector Oron

[1] http://www.emdebian.org/~zumbi/docs/deps.pdf -- Thanks to Jonas

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