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Re: can i use 'piuparts' within 'pbuilder'


2009/8/12 Leinier Cruz Salfran <salfrancl@ipigto.rimed.cu>:
> hello dd.
> 1- can i use 'piuparts' within 'pbuilder'?
For what it's worth, Ryan Niebur (Ryan52) -- NM and DD candidate --
has managed to hack piuparts to run inside a sbuild chroot. It runs
fairly slow (takes a few minutes) but isn't totally intolerable. I
think one optimization he did was install piuparts in the source
chroot, though I should let him speak for himself on that one. It does
complicate things a bit because now we're building inside a slightly
"dirty" chroot, but I think it's a fair compromise in order to get it
to run faster.

Unfortunately it's nowhere near automatic right now (in terms of
setting it up and getting it to run during builds), and having it run
inside a temporary chroot isn't even what piuparts was intended to do.
So I would suggest for now to stay tuned, given some time, Ryan and I
will probably be able to get somewhat of a working prototype, and we
can go from there.
> 2- is required use 'piuparts' in order to upload a package?
No, I just think for now it's a useful best practice. As far as I
know, running Lintian isn't optional though ;-) -- it's highly
recommended to the point of being required as far as I know. Hopefully
once some issues like slowness get ironed out in piuparts, it will
become required. Still nice to run if you have a few minutes and want
to make sure your package is as close to perfect as possible.
> i'm not sure .. waiting........
> ;)

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