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Re: What’s the use for Standards-Version?

On Thu, Aug 13 2009, Romain Beauxis wrote:

> What I mean is that we can use the information contained in the
> standards- version tag and display at this place the list of changes
> that were done since> 3.7.0 

        Assuming you have the policy package installed.

> That makes a difference in the sense that it helps to improve the workflow by 
> putting as much information as possible in the same place.

        Oh, for Pete's sake, just run zless on the file lintian already
 reports for you. If people are too lazy to run zless <file>, I kinda
 doubt they are actually going to the effort of actually doing a good
 job on their packages. You realize you still have to read the sections
 mentioned in the policy document, right?

> Even more, if, as I suggested, it lists only changes that couldn't be
> automatised, that would make lintian a consistent tool for checking a
> package against the current policy.

        ANd how is lintian supposed to know this? Or are you saying we
 have a new version of lintian every time that policy is updated, and it
 hard codes the line in the upgrading checklist to report, and only
 reports sections that have changes not fully checked by lintian -- and
 for what? so that someone does not have to type zless <file>?

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