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Re: Remove control field Conflicts if the package is no longer in the repository

On Wed, Aug 12 2009, Timur Birsh wrote:

> Hello Debian Developers,
> I've recently uploaded (thanks to Bart Martens for sponsoring) my first 
> package and want to adopt the next one. It's cd-discid [1]. Its 
> debian/control file contains the Conflicts field. This package conflicts 
> with cdgrab (<< 0.7), which is no longer exists in the repository. So, I 
> have a question, may I remove Conflicts field safely?

        I think that as long as the package (cdgrab, in this case) is
 not longer in stable, the conflicts line may be removed (we support
 partial upgrades from stable, as far as is possible). In this case,
 apparently cdgrab is not anywhere, so the conflicts line may go.

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