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Re: Automatic Debug Packages

Russ Allbery dijo [Sat, Aug 08, 2009 at 05:51:33PM -0700]:
> > You can build a .ddeb manually, yes. However for some cases
> > (e.g. packages using debhelper and building ELF binaries) a .ddeb will
> > be automatically created (if none is created manually) and detached
> > debugging symbols will be put there. I'll try to automatize other
> > languages too, so that having full archive coverage is as simpler as
> > possible.
> Could you explain a bit more about what merits you see in creating
> something that we call a different type of package rather than just
> listing debug packages in debian/control and building them as we do now
> and handling section debug specially in the archive software?  Is it just
> the avoiding of the need to add a bunch of debian/control entries?

I would add:

• .ddebs could be autobuilt — I am not familiar with the procedure,
  but I suppose a debian/control field would indicate whether this
  package allows being built as a .ddeb (as there would be no way
  i.e. to build a Perl module as a ddeb)

• Less namespace explosion. We would get rid of all the -debug

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