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Re: Bug#540813: ITP: gamessq -- gamess scheduling frontend


> Are you sure such specialized software is useful?  I assume this will
> go into contrib, as gamess itself is (AFAIK) non-free?
Yepp, indeed, gamess is not available in debian (due to license issues),
but can freely downloaded from the website of the group.

I'm not sure if this really belongs into contrib, it's starting up and
working without gamess around, but without gamess around you can't
start the processing. 
> Maybe having a general-purpose job scheduler or some local-job
> application which also supports free codes would be better.
Well.  there is no other job scheduler around. As this eases the
handling of gamess very much, this should surely be packaged. 

If you can step up with a better alternative, please do :) I'm using
gamess on a regular basis and I don't know another alternative for job


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