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Re: default character encoding for everything in debian

Thomas Koch wrote:

I've an issue, that I forgot to set the character encoding of tomcat to utf-8 after reinstalling a server. Now, before I report a wishlist(?) bug to tomcat, I want to ask (and invite to discuss) shouldn't utf8 be the default character set everywhere? So when installing a package from Debian I can assume that where a character encoding can be set, it't set to utf8. MySQL would be another example, which to my knowledge uses isoXYZ as default character encoding.

There are different problems.

Future debian systems will have a UTF-8 charset as default.
Look at debian-policy archives.
A lot of debian files will be encoded in utf-8 (control, changelog
and manpages), and transformed in the needed charset runtime.

But for databases there are different issues. I think the best solution
is to do it as mediawiki: the UTF-8 data in put as binary blob: it is
difficult to have database engines and system libraries syncronized, and
it is also difficult to implement support for all Unicode characters.

But let to concentrate to the first task: having a good UTF-8 support
in all programs/terminals/etc.


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