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Bug#540333: RFH: emdebian-tools -- emdebian crossbuilding tool set

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the emdebian-tools package.

For my reasons, see:

For background, see:
and for what needs to be done, see:

For progress in Crush so far, see:

emdebian-tools is the main package for cross-building Debian packages
for Emdebian Crush, the smaller cross-built distribution from the
Embedded Debian Project, an official sub-project of Debian.

Crush aims to use busybox to replace coreutils, remove perl and
prepare a binary distribution for embedded systems, based on Debian.

Current problems with cross-building in Debian mean that the next
release of Crush is likely to be skipped unless a lot of work is done
to improve the system used to create Crush 1.0. Once multiarch is
implemented in Debian, future releases of Crush will need more work to
adapt to the multiarch system.

Development of Emdebian Grip - the alternative distribution from Emdebian
with no functional changes compared to standard Debian - is unaffected
and Grip 2.0 is still in active development and likely to be released
for seven architectures alongside Debian 6.0 "squeeze".

The package description is:
 A collection of scripts to ease cross-building Debian packages for
 Emdebian, reducing package size, separating translations into
 individual tdeb packages and handling dependencies. Includes support
 for installing cross building toolchains and building custom
 toolchains, automated patching of Debian packages to suit Emdebian
 needs and cross building Debian packages inside or outside a chroot.
 The emdebian-tools package primarily serves to support Emdebian Crush,
 the cross-built distribution using busybox and lacking perl support.
 For Emdebian Grip support, see the emdebian-grip package.
 Run emsetup first, using the simulate option, to see what changes
 may be needed.
 Includes support for debian/xcontrol files and the debian-xcontrol
 package, to specify which cross dependencies need to be installed
 with apt-cross to make the cross objects available to the cross
 compiler and cross-building autobuilder support.
 A simple reportbug wrapper assists in filing and closing bugs against
 the buildd.emdebian.org pseudo-package, documenting and tracking
 issues within the Emdebian build systems that are distinct from the
 Debian build logs and bugs.
 Includes experimental support for creating a uClibc toolchain from an
 existing glibc/gcc toolchain for the same target architecture.

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