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Re: piuparts-MBF: not using invoke-rc.d

On 06/08/2009 Holger Levsen wrote:
> > And for the sake of archiving for one, and for the sake 
> > of people not always online, could you please attach a package list /
> > dd-list next time?
> Will try to remember... 
> The three packages of this are zope2.10-sandbox, zope2.10-sandbox and 
> plone3-site.

at least for zope2.1[01]-sandbox, i don't know how to fix that issue.
invoking the initscript at postinst/prerm of the -sandbox packages will
cause _all_ zope instances on the system to be restarted, and that isn't
an option at all.

thus the postinst/prerm scripts of -sandbox packages invoke the zopectl
script at /var/lib/zope2.1[01]/instance/sandbox/bin/zopectl directly in
order to only start/stop the sandbox instance that is being installed or

so any ideas what to do about this?


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