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Bug#535833: marked as done (general: Slow internet on iceweasel, epiphany and so on...)

]] Roger Leigh 

| On Sun, Aug 02, 2009 at 08:39:46AM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
| > ]] Roger Leigh 
| > 
| > | Having working local networking is important.  We wouldn't consider
| > | broken IPv4 loopback acceptable, and broken IPv6 loopback is just as
| > | bad.
| > 
| > Sure, having it working is important.  Is it more important than keeping
| > those (often new) users for whom Debian appears useless because of its
| > perceived poor network performance?
| It would be nice if both worked.  But, in the absence of good heuristics
| for detecting broken networking, this is probably something that should
| not be done automatically.

Both would be nice, of course.  Sometimes you have to choose between
having the cake and eating it, though.

| > Anyway, IIRC this is now solved in glibc by sending out the queries in
| > parallel and returning the first answer you get.
| OK.  What happens to the other answer(s) though?  Does this mean that
| getaddrinfo(3) skips slow replies completely?  This is surely equally
| broken if so?

Unsure.  The man page for getaddrinfo doesn't seem to imply that you get
all answers if you specify AF_UNSPEC, it specifies «any».  Your test
program does get both the A and the AAAA record, so my recollection of
this might be incorrect.


| > | The idea behind the patch isn't bad, but the implementation proposed
| > | here is too naïve.  The assumption that you only want working IPv6
| > | name resolution when you have a globally-scoped IPv6 address is too
| > | simplistic.
| > 
| > FWIW, it roughly matches what Mac OS X and Windows do.
| And it's not considered broken on these platforms too?

You're talking about 0.07% of the users for Windows Vista (and 0.03% for
XP), Mac OS X is at a whopping 2.4%.  I doubt many users would see if
their IPv6 was broken since there are few/no IPv6 services out there.
http://www.ripe.net/ripe/meetings/ripe-57/presentations/Colitti-Global_IPv6_statistics_-_Measuring_the_current_state_of_IPv6_for_ordinary_users_.7gzD.pdf )

| Probably not conciously; it's intended to be used automatically.  A
| quick google shows Avahi does use these (with some caveats).
| IPv6 has the concept of "Scope", and these scopes include Node/Host,
| Link, Site, Organisation, and Global.  To assume that IPv6 networking
| is only active when you have one or more Global addresses is an
| incorrect assumption.  With the previous glibc patch, my networking
| broke as the Global link went up and down.

It did actually put the threshold at site, not global, since people
could reasonably put site-only names into DNS, but link-local addresses
shouldn't be in DNS.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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