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Orphaned: Gutenprint (if you care about inkjet printing, please read)

retitile 479397 O: gutenprint -- printer drivers for CUPS


I sent out a mail over a year ago looking for a new maintainer for the
gutenprint Debian packaging.  At the time, I put up an RFA (#479397).
I'm now orphaning the package, and will only give it minimal attention.

I no longer have an inkjet printer, so I can't do any testing of the
packages' functionality.  I also have no time to maintain it properly.
Anyone who cares about printing on inkjets (Epson, Canon, older HP,
Lexmark and others) is ideally placed to maintain gutenprint.

The packaging uses git-buildpackage and is all in git on collab-maint:

gutenprint has a great upstream, is written mostly in C, and integrates
with CUPS, ghostscript, GIMP and foomatic.  A general understanding of
how CUPS works and good C skills are desirable.

I'm happy to continue as a co-maintainer to provide advice to anyone
taking this up (since I'm also one of the upstream developers, albeit
currently in a limited capacity, I do have a good working knowledge of
the internals and infrastructure, having written a good chunk of it).

I've just packaged and uploaded the new upstream release (5.2.4), but
it has had *no* testing other than that it installs (given that I lack
the capability to do proper testing).


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