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Re: What is the best place for package meta-data ?

I think tying such information to a source or binary package is a bad
idea since it changes independently of the package. I have similar
issues with the Homepage field and to a lesser extent, watch files.

Do you think that apt needs to have access to this information?

The Packages/Sources files are already very huge, which is problematic
for embedded systems with little storage space.

I've been slowly coming to the conclusion that the monolithic Packages
files need to be split into different parts for different use-cases;
for eg dependency resolution, checksums/filenames, descriptions,
homepages, debtags. I'm not sure exactly how to split up the existing
info though. With this split could come extra meta-data, like
PackageMap/CPE names, screenshot URLs, number of bugs, number of
lintian info/warning/etc.



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