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Re: Bits from the release team and request for discussion


Aurelien Jarno schrieb:

>> The press release not only mentions release goals but also
>> "infrastructure goals" ftpmaster would like to have done by then.
> Then, maybe the ftpmasters should communicate through
> debian-devel-announce *in addition* to the press releases.

To the best of my knowledge all these points had already been mentioned
on different lists, e.g. during the recent "NEW queue" thread.  And
honestly speaking: The points mentioned have nearly no effect for most
maintainers.  The point with the highest change of being noticed by Joe
Random Developer are the automatic rejection of packages failing lintian
tests, which is actually more or lest what is already done manually
while processing the new queue now system wide and automatically.  So I
don't think it's that bad, that ftpmasters haven't announced their
plans, yet to d-d-a.

Best regards,

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