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Status of new source formats project


I updated the wiki page listing the status of this project:

During debconf I used part of my time to push this project forward.

1/ Lucas did again a rebuild of the archive to discover problems that will
appear if all packages are converted to 3.0 (quilt) format. I processed
200 failed build logs and filed some new wishlist bugs to prepare for a
global transition (and fixed a sid-only bug in dpkg-source detected thanks
to this rebuild).

2/ I prepared some test source packages covering most interesting cases
to try out with various tools, I checked the most important ones (apt-get
source, sbuild) and they do cope with it. I encourage you to test all
other tools and report your success/failures here (and please file bug for
the failures).

3/ I discussed with Jörg Jaspert and Mark Hymers the status of my patch
against dak. Currently they plan to merge my patch after they have
finished to update dak to use sqlalchemy, but given that this is an
intrusive change they will have to test it carefully and Jörg expected
that it will still be 2 to 3 months until they can integrate my patch. :-(

Both patches/branches are going to conflict so someone will have to handle
the merge conflict whatever the merge order is. I offered them to handle
it myself even if my patch is merged now (without conflicting with
anything since the sqlalchemy one is not yet ready/merged). The sqlalchemy
rewrite is not yet public but Mark hopes to publish it this week-end (1-2
Aug). After my upcoming vacation, and if I still can't convince ftpmasters
to merge my working branch immediately I'll create a new branch of my
patch merged with the new sqlalchemy branch so that they have a chance
to push both changes at the same time (or in the order that they want).

This dak modification is the main blocker point for this project to go
forward (and has been so for quite some time already).

4/ I discussed with Luk Claes if anything had to be done on the buildd
side. There's not much to be done there since the new sbuild is working
well with new source formats but there are still some buildd using the old
version. Those have to be updated to the new sbuild and this process has
been ongoing for quite some time already. I pinged some of the concerned
buildd maintainers and provided sample buildd logs generated by the new
sbuild with the new source formats so that they can adapt their build logs
processing scripts immediately.

5/ In all cases, I hope we will enable support of new source formats in
squeeze so that individual packages can switch to it (in particular bigger
packages that would benefit from the multi-tarball thingie). But depending
on the time left before the freeze, we might not start a global transition
to the new formats (i.e. I would not modify dpkg-source to produce newer
source formats when there's no debian/source/format).

Raphaël Hertzog

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